Laraine BlogI’ve always written in some form or another. Character monologues, essays, journals, and magazine articles. For the past several years I’ve been a contributing editor for a food, love and politics blog called Its published by my friend Amy Ephron. All of the graphics for my OFTT articles are done by Lisa Dinsmore. I’ve also written stuff for the Huffington  Post, The Believer, an article for the LA Times Magazine, Esquire; then’s there’s just my 2 cents.


Carmine’s II

Carmine's II By Laraine Newman Part 1: The West Side’s Been Swingin’ Since the 60s Carmine Competelli didn’t want to go into the ...
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My Summer Reading

My Summer Reading By Laraine Newman I have books stashed everywhere. The car. The kitchen. The upstairs and downstairs bathrooms and the ...
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Mars Attacks

Mars Attacks  By Laraine Newman Last night, at about 2:00 a.m I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.   Normally I ...
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Winter Fruit

Winter Fruit by Laraine Newman Sounds funny, right? “Winter fruit”. It’s a sorry state of affairs, especially in California where we can ...
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My Interview with Ryan Raddon

I was a little bit frantic while speaking to my pal Raha Lewis, an editor at the LA Times Magazine.”Raha, ...
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“You’re Not The Boss of Me” Book Review This was in the May 13th online issue of The Jewish Journal. My friend, Jonathan Kirsch, asked me to review ...
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The Golden State

The Golden State I recently joined Facebook and that is another story for another time, but its relevant to what I’m ...
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Gold Class Cinemas

 Gold Class Cinemas by Laraine Newman    During the Great Depression, Hollywood did its part by providing people with the ultimate escape ...
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The Chords That Bind

 Hey guys. Please check out this article my daughter and I wrote for the LA Times Magazine online. Here is ...
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Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Happy Joy Joy by Laraine Newman   I hate 3:00 p.m. on a school day. It means I’m a failure. Once ...
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The Believer

If you’ve been reading any of my blog posts, you know The Believer, McSweeney’s and Wholpin are some of my ...
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Sad Beer

Holiday Catalogue Shopping by Laraine Newman Tis the season of Catalogues and I was flipping through the Bed Bath and Beyond Catalogue ...
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One for the table…

I want my KX-T (GA650B) !! by Laraine Newman When was it ok to just blithely accept that products are now engineered ...
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Chicken Fried Cheer

Chicken Fried Cheer by Laraine Newman (photos by Lisa Dinsmore) The first weekend in January, I went with my daughter Hannah to a ...
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Dear Diary

Dear Diary, I got a website. I had to. My friends kept telling me that’s how people market themselves now. What ...
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I spend a lot of time these days playing in a sound booth and making talk for odd-ball characters. Feel ...
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Coachella 2016

For a sneak peak at Coachella 2016 and my picks for the best artists you will find there, be sure ...
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