From time to time, I try to get around town or even the world, and try new things… here are a smattering of fun events or productions I have been fortunate to get involved with recently:

Westside Comedy Theatre “Lip Sync Extravaganza”

Girls, Episode 38!

Celebrity Autobiography

Celebrity Autobiography Celebirty Autobigraphy 2 tn-500_celebautobiovol2 los-angeles-ca-usa-15th-aug-2013-laraine-newman-and-steven-weber-read-DCFEM0 Celebrity Autobiography 2016 CelebrityAuto4-26.JPG Celeb Auto 3 Celeb Auto 2 Celeb Auto 1 125046363


Totally Looped at Sketchfest WTF Podcast:Sketchfest Sketchfest 3 Sketchfest Museum of Radio and television Sketchfest 2

Me & Famous People

WTF Podcast:Sketchfest    PFT_101511_03    IMG_3853    IMG_9859    IMG_2185    IMG_2169    IMG_2124    IMG_2094    IMG_2023    IMG_2021    IMG_1140    IMG_0382    IMG_0027    Dawn of The Croods party    CGtfrvxUYAA9vy3    10748832_10152906244494374_239619591_n    10645070_10154550792310494_4722996434797158951_n    10410145_10204334281654853_4995657792893745883_n   1475991_10152077976264721_156763276_n  1000877_10201474638578236_29038592_n 1003199_10151771822396100_1894954884_n

I will post more fun clips from around the interwebs when I get the time. Did you find something you think I should take note of? Let me know by tweeting at me!