Laraine’s work in Animation

They call this a “Sizzle Reel”. That means clips of some of the cartoons I’ve done.

If you need the gory details, check out my IMDB page. If not… peruse this page for videos, character images, and my thoughts on getting to work in the wonderful world of cartoons.


Pickles Mom  The Wicked Witch  Queen Ligea  Queen Jipjurulac  Grandma Plankton  Queen Invicta  Mrs Tetslaff  Granny Snaggletooth  Mrs Hubbard  Mrs Foutley  Miss Information  Professor Hootsburgh  Gran  Baby-Doll
Pickles Mom
Yes, I was most of the mothers on Metalocalypse as well as many other female roles on that show. This one’s a diabolical bitch.



On Dreamworks TVs original Netflix series ‘Adventures of Puss N’ Boots’, I play barkeep Pajuna. Check out the trailer for the show, and catch it on Netflix right now!

 Then there’s Dreamworks TVs ‘Dawn of the Croods’, where I play Gran, also a blast and here’s a trailer:

You can catch it on Netflix right now.

And it’s been a real pleasure to portray “Professor Hootsburgh” on award-winning Disney Junior series ‘Doc McStuffins’… here’s a short clip –