Coachella 2016 Picks:

Dj Koze                        

Dj Koze– Techno with a smidge of trance. The music video for his song “I Haven’t Been Everywhere But It’s On My List” is pretty damn funny. **** Also check out Kicks.




2Many DJs– Look at these classy dudes! If you like Girl Talk, and I know I do, you’ll like these DJs. Long form where it morphs into different sounds and songs can be tedious as fuck but not with these guys. ****

A$AP Rocky                          

A$AP Rocky– well this guy is just brilliant. It sometimes irks me when DJs collaborate with and take a back seat to other artists. It can really compromise their sound in my opinion, however A$AP Rocky seems to use other artists as an additional instrument while remaining true to his sound. ****


ALVVAYS- That pop baby voice makes me tired and strangely itchy. This band’s lead singer is one of those exceptions. Their sound is cool and Next Of Kin is a song that brings to mind a lot of the ‘surf bands’ from the 1960s combined with a kind of punk insouciance in her voice. ***


Anderson Paak- Rihanna and Beyoncé have dipped their toes into the EDM world. Beyoncé used Major Lazer in “Girls” and Rihanna uses EDM in “Jump” to great effect. Anderson Paak however, has melded rap and EDM in a way that’s irresistible. He’s also funny which goes a long way with me. If you saw some of my ex-boyfriends…..well..’nuff said. Excited about this new guy. *** (F)


Baauer Aw yea! This is my jam. It would make a mummy want to freestyle. I read that a more aggressive EDM sound is called Brostep!! I love it!!! Sue me. **

Bat for Lashes                          

 Bat For Lashes- Did you know there are categories of music called “dream pop, baroque pop and folktronica”? I sure as shit didn’t. This girl is it’s ambassador and I must say I like the tone of her voice. Her content is straightforward but I had to link you up to her song Daniel because it looks like her ‘lover’ is a B&E dude in the beginning. Bottom line, her sound is enchanting. ***


Carla Morrison-Singing entirely in Spanish shouldn’t deter you. After all, last year, when I saw Stromae who sings entirely in French, I turned around to see a mass of kids singing along….in French! Singing in French. In Indio!! This girl’s voice is pure, her sound haunting. She should be encouraged. ***

Courtney Barnett                          

Courtney Barnett-This girl reminds me of Sheryl Crowe. Badass lyrics, badass guitar player. She sings with an effortless “I don’t give a fuck” style that’s foine. Thanks to the curators at Coachella for bringing her to us. ***

Ellie Goulding                          

Ellie Goulding-This lady’s voice has clearly inspired every EDM DJ I’ve ever loved. Another in the ilk of breathy baby voiced vocalists but for some reason she’s the exception. In my big fat opinion, an artist’s taste regarding with whom to collaborate counts for a lot. Since JackU is playing the festival maybe there could be some surprises, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part. ***


FLUME-Hip shakin’ mama I love this guy. If you liked Holdin’ On, you’ll be happy to know he’s continued to grow and produce great music. ****


Gary Clark Jr.- I’ve loved this guy ever since I was first saw him at Coachella a couple of years ago. He’s a real throwback in terms of image but his adaptation of that retro blues sound is completely original and so completely cool. ***


Ice Cube-It’s hard to imagine current Hip Hop without the influence of NWA and Ice Cube. It’s a safe bet he’ll perform some classics sure to bring a tear to your motherfuckin’ eye. My 20 year old daughter said; “To be able to see a performer who has transitioned from music more towards acting, is very special. “ I agree.****


JackU- There are no words for how much I love JackU. Skrillex+Diplo= rapture. These guys are the, you should pardon the expression ‘shit’. A fan of Skrillex’s since 2010, I had no idea how much he’d been influenced by Diplo. While there are certainly great DJs out there, nobody compares to these guys. Their sounds, beats and drops are killer and frankly, for me, if the rest of the lineup were polka music, I’d still go to Coachella just for them. A must!!!*****


James Bay-Coachella is considered an ‘alternative’ music festival. I wouldn’t quite classify him as that. He sounds more mainstream. Still his songs are well crafted, the music is compelling and he’s, well, really really good looking . I would describe his sound as traditional rock and roll but with a soulful raspy voice and terrific lyrics (not that I care about that one bit) he manages to re-define the genre. ***


Lido-This guy’s sound is SO alive. It has the texture and complexity of Skrillex, which is always going to make me happy. The link takes you to his song Money which is a killer song but investigating further I saw a video where he plays piano with an orchestra. So much for DJs not being musicians. Chop! ***

Major Lazer                        

Major Lazer-Quite simply, if you love EDM, this is a no-brainer I first saw these guys not understanding what they were exactly and that Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire comprised this incredible, uh, band? Listen to this and if you’re not a fan already, you will be. ****


Protoje- C’mon. Admit it. Reggae is boring as fuck. Howevah, I’m going to check this guy out because he’s found the sweet spot where it’s not some boring groove. He’s a bona fide singer with actual melodies. AND their sound is something that will make the “Coachella Experience” that much sweeter. Even if you’re straight edge, you’ll feel that blissful desert high. **


Run The Jewels-Not your average rappers. I love their sense of humor and for me; the mark of a good rapper is a storyteller. These guys are interesting. There’s just no two ways about it. **


Shamir- LOVE this kid. A playful, highly creative rapper a-la-Tyler The Creator. He looks like he’s 9 and check out the art direction in this video. His sound is terrific. Great energy. Fun. ***

Sia arrives at The Humane Society Of The United States 60th Anniversary Benefit Gala on Saturday, March 29, 2014, in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)                        

SIA-I’ve been a fan of hers since The Girl You Lost To Cocaine. How her sound and image have grown and changed. Always an exciting aspect to any singer’s career. Give her props. ****

The 1975                        

The 1975-They look like a bunch of millennial posers but their sound is complex and funky. They remind me a bit of Hall and Oats but so NOW! *** (F)

The Heavy                        

The Heavy-This thumpin’ pop band with a hit record you’ve probably all heard (What Makes A Good Man) has gold in their lead singer Kevin Swaby. I like the description of neo-soul that’s been given to them. That just about says it and it’s damned entertaining. I imagine their show is going to be.…rousing. ***

Unknown Mortal Orchestra                        

Unknown Mortal Orchestra-Defined by Wiki as psychedelic pop and lo-fi, their sound is original. The lead singer’s voice reminds me of Hot Chip’s lead singer and that’s not a bad thing in my book. It’s a full and beautifully layered sound that will for sure end up on my playlist. ***


Volbeat- Don’t they look like a bunch of tough customers? This is one of the few bands that could be classified as metal but I hear a touch of Celtic rabble rousing too. Kinda if Smashmouth had 2 sets of balls. ***