The Second Annual Coachella Report

angry-guy-300x208Hopefully only a few of you are going to feel outraged and incredulous that I haven’t included your favorite band or at the very
least, so-called “Headliners.” But remember; who the fuck am I? I only know what I like, but it’s a broad spectrum and I like to think I have good taste. “I wrote my list before the Grammys this year but it contains a lot of this year’s winners and performers soooooo….”


tumblr_mc0gs1RrhQ1qfzll1o1_1280When you listen to 168 bands, the cream rises to the top. You eliminate derivative bands, or bands that sound like a weak tea version of a band you already hate. Nevertheless I try very hard to be fair, so as I slog my way through 168 bands, I try to give all of them the benefit of the doubt and listen to more than just the one song offered by the YouTube link. Some of the links for the DJs take you to these ‘boiler room’ sets that are REALLY not doing anyone any favors. Unless you’re Girl Talk, don’t even….


And then there are the downright boring posers. No comment….

Recommending DJs is tricky. JackU of course stands alone, but there are DJs who, for the most part, produce other people. When you click on their link, you see a song that involves another artist that might not be available for the festival. What are you left with? Hard to say. There are people who will show up and surprise you, even if they’re just a hologram, and that can be fucking exciting. However, you can’t count on that and with so many bands to choose from, I don’t tend to want to recommend someone like that. But don’t hate me if Bowie shows up. How could I know?

One of the things that’s exciting about this year’s crop is there are a few the bands and DJs that incorporate Funk into their sound. If you aren’t sure what Funk sounds like check out Graham Central Station. Bear with this link. It’s everything you could possibly need to know about funk…and you’ll get to meet Chocolate! If you can’t endure the intro just go to 2:23.

Patrice Chocolate Banks If I recommend a band that has a hint of this sound, I’ll put an (F) next to it.
To the best of my knowledge (I’m often wrong and consume a steady diet of crow) this is the first year Goldenvoice is offering this notion of seeing bands that have or eventually will appear at Coachella which is damn nice of them. Here is the link to find out more about that.

Henry Fonda Livefranz-ferdinand-echoplex-july-30-2013-191


This year I’d just like to give a heads up about the art installations. My taste in art is pretty ‘meat and potatoes’ so when I tell you this stuff is infinitely cool, please believe me. Most of the pieces are interactive and sometimes they morph…..yeah, you heard me. ….morph. The artists work in all manner of medium and it’s exciting as hell. Coachella doesn’t reveal what’s in store for us with each of these artists but I’m giving you links to their work so you can get an idea.

eglitisneiburga-work-3Katrina Neiburga & Andris Eglitis What do you get when you combine an audio/visual artist with a sculptor/painter? Something possibly ama-hay-hay-zing! Check out these Latvian artists. (IMG)





arrechea-work-11Alex Arrechea has a piece that looks like glass punching bags, or I guess these are called heavy bags. Cool as hell and each of his works are entirely different in theme and materials. See more about Alex Arrecha. (IMG)





datefarmers-work-1-803x397The Date Farmers (sounds like a band) are local Coachella guys and their graphics are typical of the Mexican American art that we’re fortunate enough to be exposed to if you live in Southern California. The wolf graphic on their site looks a lot like the image that represents Dog Blood (Skrillex & 12th Planet) (IMG)



Aperture-1Phillip K. Smith 111 ( I think that means the 3rd. Fancy) is a ‘structure’ guy. This is totally fun as I can attest from years past. Also these ‘worlds’ make a good photo op. Imagine yourself here. (IMG)





lai-work-1Jimenez Lai- Another structure guy, his environments seem like they’ll present something really trippy to linger in to get out of the sun and rest after walking your ass off all day. These places are also good to just hang in if you’re waiting for your band’s set to come on. (IMG)




rrstudios-work-3R&R Studios- It’s not you, it’s them. No. It’s not the mushrooms you ate earlier. (IMG)






bose-balloons-1Robert Bose- I suppose there’s always room for whimsy. (IMG)





jivejoint-2Super Tall Paul and Rossome- These dudes do something I’ve never heard of but am dying to see. A cartoony house as a backdrop for a comedy experience. Sounds SO fun. (IMG)





Coachella-RaicesRaices Cultura- These people seem to be offering a bit of Mardi Gras at Coachella. Seems like an embarrassment of riches in an already ‘damnit where should I go first’ day at Coachella. (IMG)





dolab2_1024-803x397The DoLab – This is a Coachella tradition. It’s a partially covered, partially open environment that has up and coming DJs that have never disappointed and people dance with complete abandon while possibly being sprayed with a hose by some circus creature. Trust me, in that heat, you’ll welcome the hose. (IMG)



lucent-work-2Lucent Dossier – Aaaaand THIS is the circus I was talking about. Creatures, high wire, juggling and dubstep. What could be better? (IMG)








On to my picks for Coachella 2016…