Laraine Newman on ‘Saturday Night Live’

“The Exorcist II”

How does she stay so calm (feet crossed) when the devil is inside her!! Ugh!!Richard and I did some improvising and I was able to do the devil voice but since I was “mic’d” and he would eventually be throttling me, they decided to have it done remotely. Chevy, bless his heart, said the wrong line.

“The Coneheads at Home”

Only from the minds   of Dan Aykroyd and Tom Davis, could such a concept be born.


“Coneheads Family Feud”

The open mouth kiss and the line ‘oh baby, oh baby’ were improvised by me.

“Slumber Party”

My favorite line in this sketch is when Jane says “I get embarrassed when I know someone can see inside my ear.”  AND, can we talk about my focus? Sure could have used Adderol.



The answer is: Cold Lobster Bisque. On the 40th, it was strawberry ice cream.

“Godfather Therapy”

The monologue I do in this sketch comes from my days at The Groundlings. I felt some of the ideas were so idiosyncratic they might not play. Who ever heard of a Valley Girl?

“E Buzz Miller’s Art Classics”

Never really knew what was funny about Christy Christina. Some might argue “nothing.” I wouldn’t disagree.

“Puppy Uppers”

These commercial parodies were some of the first things we did together as a cast. All of us, on a school bus out to New Jersey.  The min-pin kept facing his behind to the camera . He had no shame!

“Jeopardy 1999”

“The Olympia Restaurant”

I loved doing this sketch. I really love the ensemble pieces. Don Novello (Father Guido Sarducci) is in the back of the kitchen. He wrote the sketch along with our recurring sketches of the failing shopping mall (Scotch Tape Boutique)

“Superhero Party”

There are some sketches we did that were unbelievably long. Nevertheless, this one cracks me up no end. Especially when John, as The Hulk, comes out of the bathroom. What can I say? I’m a 9 year old boy.

But it wasn’t ALL ‘Saturday Night Live’, I have had a lot of fun experiences on set and in animation, you can learn more about them on my Animation page OR at my IMDB page.