The Low Carbon Diet


The Low Carbon Diet By Laraine Newman After allowing my 13 year old daughter Hannah to sit on the couch all summer and watch TV, while surfing the net for days on end, my guilt that nothing worthwhile was filling that pretty little head of hers was mounting.  I started looking for things to do … [Read more…]

Lean Like A Cholo


Lean Like A Cholo By Laraine Newman One of the things I feel is emblematic of being a California Girl is the love of cars.  The Peterson Automotive Museum is having a Low Rider exhibit right now.  Bitchen, right? Personally, I can’t wait. My earliest memory of the low rider culture was a song by … [Read more…]

The Pusher Man


 The Pusher Man By: Laraine Newman The other day, my daughter Hannah and I stopped by Surfas. It always surprises me when she wants to go there, since their prepared food is, lets just  She ordered the 72 layer biscuit with ham and cheese and drank a Bubble Up. Oh to be 13, 5’5” … [Read more…]

If the Shoe Fits


If the Shoe Fits By Laraine Newman I felt Keith Olberman’s, uh, well, let’s just say it, rant about Hilary Clinton the other day couldn’t have framed more succinctly the odious behavior she’s displayed and how far down she’s sunk in her quest for the nomination. I only know what I see on TV or … [Read more…]

Party at the Sofitel


 Party at the Sofitel By Laraine Newman Yesterday was the end of almost a years worth of planning and preparing for our youngest daughter Hannah’s Bat Mitzvah. She did beautifully; you’re so sweet to ask. My husband Chad and I can never seem to do things simply. For instance, when the kids were small, we … [Read more…]

Cooking Light


Cooking Light By Laraine Newman You know how sometimes you come across something that reminds you that you used to do things right? I saw the magazine Cooking Light , a magazine I used to have a subscription to and I remembered that I used to make more of an effort. And now, here it … [Read more…]



Sampling By Laraine Newman There’s a homeless woman I’ve seen from Santa Monica to West Hollywood for years. I know it’s the same woman. She’s unmistakable. Her hair is sun-bleached and looks like she put her finger into an electric socket. With sublime irony, she’s often in a flower patterned cocktail dress or shift. Her … [Read more…]

Blind Faith


Blind Faith By Laraine Newman For sometime now, I’ve watched with mounting fear, the destructive impact of the Christian Right. George Bush’s election was a Greg Stillson moment right down to taking us to an unwarranted war in the name of ‘spreading democracy’. Which is code for “The other day, I was talkin’ to Jesus…” … [Read more…]

Deal or No Deal


Deal or No Deal? By: Laraine Newman Tis the season of Sample Sales, or so it seems when the mailers start arriving announcing this 40% off (but it’s in downtown LA) or that 80% off, but not until two weeks from now when I’ve completely forgotten about it and f*#k it anyway, where’s the instant … [Read more…]

Newman’s Own


Newman’s Own By Laraine Newman My twin brother’s name is Paul Newman and when we were growing up in Beverly Hills in the 1960s, because Paul had his own phone line, and because he was listed in the phone directory, we often got calls from fans thinking it was the home of the movie star. … [Read more…]