The Little White Box

The Little White Box By Laraine Newman I’m sorry to say that my husband is much more romantic and sentimental than I ...
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The Smart Car

The Smart Car By Laraine Newman Around 6 years ago, our family took a trip to France. Our friends have a house ...
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Letters From Heaven

Letters From Heaven By:  Laraine Newman You want to know just how wonderful my husband is? Well, in 2004 my dad died ...
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Mache Is the New Romaine

Mache Is the New Romaine By Laraine Newman Have you seen that commercial that uses the Hall and Oats song “Baby Come ...
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The Joy of Cooking

The Joy of Cooking By Laraine Newman I have a 1932 copy of The Joy of Cooking that’s being held together at ...
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What A Crock

What A Crock By Laraine Newman There are so many conveniences the Jetsons had that I could really use today.   Jane Jetson ...
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The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life By Laraine Newman When I was little, I had absolutely no idea what Easter represented.  All I knew ...
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My Dumb Luck

My Dumb Luck By Laraine Newman I go to Pasadena often because my younger daughter’s cheer team practices there. Yes, I spawned ...
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Blue Cotton Candy

Blue Cotton Candy By Laraine Newman My idea of a good time is dragging my sorry ass up the stairs after a ...
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Back to School

Back to School By:  Laraine Newman Jane Curtin, my former colleague on Saturday Night Live, characterized school cafeteria food in a way ...
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